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Cross-Chain Swap Contract

Overview Diagram


import { StorageNodeShape } from '@agoric/internal';
import { TimerServiceShape } from '@agoric/time';
import { withdrawFromSeat } from '@agoric/zoe/src/contractSupport/zoeHelpers.js';
import { deeplyFulfilled } from '@endo/marshal';
import { M, objectMap } from '@endo/patterns';
import { orcUtils } from '../utils/orc.js';
import { withOrchestration } from '../utils/start-helper.js';

Importing Shapes and Utilities:

  • StorageNodeShape and TimerServiceShape are imported for validating the privateArgs.
  • withdrawFromSeat is a helper function from Zoe to withdraw funds from a seat.
  • deeplyFulfilled is a function that ensures that all promises within an object are resolved.
  • M are pattern-matching utilities, and objectMap is like but for properties of an object.
  • orcUtils is a utility library specific to orchestrating chain operations.
  • withOrchestration is a function that sets up orchestration.

Type Imports

 * @import {Orchestrator, IcaAccount, CosmosValidatorAddress} from '../types.js'
 * @import {TimerService} from '@agoric/time';
 * @import {LocalChain} from '@agoric/vats/src/localchain.js';
 * @import {Remote} from '@agoric/internal';
 * @import {CosmosInterchainService} from '../exos/cosmos-interchain-service.js';
 * @import {NameHub} from '@agoric/vats';
 * @import {Zone} from '@agoric/zone';
 * @import {OrchestrationTools} from '../utils/start-helper.js';

This includes type information to help with TypeScript or JSDoc annotations, which are useful for understanding the types used throughout the contract.

stakeAndSwapFn Offer Handler

 * @param {Orchestrator} orch
 * @param {object} ctx
 * @param {ZCF} ctx.zcf
 * @param {ZCFSeat} seat
 * @param {object} offerArgs
 * @param {Amount<'nat'>} offerArgs.staked
 * @param {CosmosValidatorAddress} offerArgs.validator
const stakeAndSwapFn = async (orch, { zcf }, seat, offerArgs) => {

Function Parameters:

  • orch: The orchestrator object to manage interactions with chains/accounts.
  • ctx: Context object containing zcf.
  • seat: The seat representing the contract's position in the offer.
  • offerArgs: Arguments provided with the offer, including staked amount and validator address.
const { give } = seat.getProposal();

Extracts the give part of the proposal from the seat. This includes what the user is offering to the contract.

const omni = await orch.getChain('omniflixhub');
const agoric = await orch.getChain('agoric');

Retrieves chain objects for omniflixhub (a remote chain) and agoric (the local chain) chains using the orchestrator.

const [omniAccount, localAccount] = await Promise.all([

Creates accounts on both omniflixhub and agoric chains concurrently.

const omniAddress = omniAccount.getAddress();

Retrieves the address of the omniAccount.

Depositing and Exiting

// deposit funds from user seat to LocalChainAccount
const payments = await withdrawFromSeat(zcf, seat, give);
await deeplyFulfilled(
    objectMap(payments, payment =>

Withdraw Funds

Withdraws the funds specified in the give part of the proposal from the seat.

Deposit Funds

Deposits the withdrawn payments into the local account.

Exit Seat

The seat exits the offer, completing the offer being handled.

Building and Executing Swap Instructions

// build swap instructions with orcUtils library
const transferMsg = orcUtils.makeOsmosisSwap({
    destChain: 'omniflixhub',
    destAddress: omniAddress,
    amountIn: give.Stable,
    brandOut: '...',
    slippage: 0.03,

Parameters include destination chain, destination address, input amount, output brand, and slippage tolerance. In the give keyword record, the Stable keyword is expected to have the assets to trade.

Executing the Swap Instructions & Delegate

Carries out the swap instructions using the results of orcUtils.makeOsmosisSwap above.

await localAccount
.transferSteps(give.Stable, transferMsg)
.then(_txResult =>
    omniAccount.delegate(offerArgs.validator, offerArgs.staked),
.catch(e => console.error(e));

Transfers the stablecoins according to the swap instructions. On transferSteps being resolves, we delegate the staked amount to the specified validator on the omniflixhub chain.

We log any errors that occur during the process.

Declaring privateArgs shape, and upgradeability

/** @type {ContractMeta<typeof start>} */
export const meta = {
  privateArgsShape: {
    agoricNames: M.remotable('agoricNames'),
    localchain: M.remotable('localchain'),
    orchestrationService: M.or(M.remotable('orchestration'), null),
    storageNode: StorageNodeShape,
    marshaller: M.remotable('marshaller'),
    timerService: M.or(TimerServiceShape, null),
  upgradability: 'canUpgrade',

This defines the shape of private arguments and the contract’s upgradability, and harden ensures that the metadata object is immutable.

makeNatAmountShape function

 * @param {Brand} brand must be a 'nat' brand, not checked
 * @param {NatValue} [min]
export const makeNatAmountShape = (brand, min) =>
  harden({ brand, value: min ? M.gte(min) : M.nat() });

Utility function to create a shape for amounts of the specified fungible brand. If a minimum value is provided, ensures the amount is greater than or equal to it.

contract Function

The contract function when wrapped inside withOrchestration defines the start function which is the entry point of the contract. The contract exports a start function below. It is merely a convention/convenience that we define a more abstract contract function here and pass it to withOrchestration. The arguments of this function are zcf, privateAge, zone, and tools for orchestration.

 * Orchestration contract to be wrapped by withOrchestration for Zoe
 * @param {ZCF} zcf
 * @param {{
 *   agoricNames: Remote<NameHub>;
 *   localchain: Remote<LocalChain>;
 *   orchestrationService: Remote<CosmosInterchainService>;
 *   storageNode: Remote<StorageNode>;
 *   timerService: Remote<TimerService>;
 *   marshaller: Marshaller;
 * }} privateArgs
 * @param {Zone} zone
 * @param {OrchestrationTools} tools
const contract = async (zcf, privateArgs, zone, { orchestrate }) => {

Getting brands from Contract Terms

const { brands } = zcf.getTerms();

This retrieves the brands specified in the contract terms.

Handler for swap and stake offers

  /** deprecated historical example */
   * @type {OfferHandler<
   *   unknown,
   *   { staked: Amount<'nat'>; validator: CosmosValidatorAddress }
   * >}
  const swapAndStakeHandler = orchestrate('LSTTia', { zcf }, stakeAndSwapFn);

swapAndStakeHandler defines the offer handler for the swap and stake operation using stakeAndSwapFn function.

Make Invitation and Create publicFacet

const publicFacet = zone.exo('publicFacet', undefined, {
  makeSwapAndStakeInvitation() {
    return zcf.makeInvitation(
      'Swap for TIA and stake',
        give: { Stable: makeNatAmountShape(brands.Stable, 1n) },
        want: {}, // XXX ChainAccount Ownable?
        exit: M.any(),

Defines the publicFacet for the contract, which includes the method to make an invitation for users to swap stablecoins for TIA and stake, and returns the hardened public facet. Defining publicFacet with zone.exo makes it remotely accessible and persistent through contract upgrades with a durable zone.

start Function

export const start = withOrchestration(contract);

Defines the start function of the contract that is returned by a call to withOrchestration with contract function as a parameter. In essence contract function is the entry point or start function of this contract with some orchestration setup.