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Agoric documentation

The Agoric platform makes it possible to write safer smart contracts with your JavaScript skill set.
What's Agoric
Learn about Agoric and its JavaScript platform
Getting Started
Set up your environment and start building apps
Contract Framework
See the safety properties of our Zoe Framework
Token Protocol
Understand the ins and outs of Agoric's Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol (ERTP)
Look through our smart contract and dapp examples
A rotating list of incentivized bounties to grow our platform

Blockchain resources

The tools your need to get the job done.
Block Explorer
View transactions across the Agoric chain
Keplr Wallet
Sign transactions with the most popular wallet in Cosmos
Component Library
Pre-built smart contracts for DeFi, NFTs, and cross-chain!
Cosmos SDK
Our battle-tested consensus mechanism
The protocol ensuring Agoric is interoperable with 60+ chains
Browse through our catalogue of integrations

Ready to learn more?

Once you've completed the Getting Started, here are a few next steps.

Learn the basics of HardenedJS

It's JavaScript with the safety you expect - see why MetaMask uses it to safely run their Snaps technology for 30M+ customers.

See the safety properties of our Zoe Framework

From Offer Safety to the POLA, the Zoe Framework protects devs (and users) while writing your smart contract logic.


Check out our primer on writing programmable smart contracts in JavaScript!

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