# Deployed Zoe Contracts

Zoe v0.24.0. Last updated August 25, 2022.

In the mainnet-1B release of agoric-sdk (opens new window), the chain is configured to automatically deploy the following Zoe contracts. A community post on Inter Protocol Vaults Contract Implementations (opens new window) has a high level description.

Contract Description
centralSupply used to initialize the vbank IST purse balance based on supply reported from the cosmos x/bank module
mintHolder use to hold mints for BLD as well as inter-chain assets such as ATOM, USDC, and USDT
committee represents the Economic Committee that governs Inter Protocol parameters
binaryVoteCounter instantiated once for each question that a committee votes on
econCommitteeCharter controls what questions can be put to the economic committee
contractGovernor each governed contract is started by starting its governor
PSM The Parity Stability Module (PSM) supports efficiently minting and burning Inter Stable Tokens (ISTs) in exchange for approved external stable tokens.
vaultFactory allows users to mint IST backed by collateral such as ATOM; hands off vaults to auctioneer when value of collateral in a vault falls below a governed threshold
auctioneer auctions collateral from liquidated vaults
fluxAggregator aggregates prices from oracle oeprators
scaledPriceAuthoriy provides prices for tradeable assets such as ATOM in terms of idealized "oracle ATOM" prices from oracle operators
feeDistributor collects fees from Inter Protocol contracts and distributes to reserve and/or stakers
assetReserve holds assets in reserve to back IST
walletFactory executes Zoe offers on behalf of users