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The ERTP API supports the following objects:

IssuerThe authority on what holds digital assets of its kind.
MintCan issue new digital assets.
BrandIdentifies the asset type of the associated Issuer and Mint.
PurseHolds digital assets.
PaymentHolds digital assets that are in transit.

The ETRP API uses the following library:

AmountMathThe AmountMath object has several methods which can be used to manipulate and analyze Amounts.

The ERTP API introduces and uses the following data types:

Data TypeDescription
AmountDescribes digital assets, specifying the number and Brand of assets. Note that Amounts can describe either fungible or non-fungible assets.
AmountShapeDescribes digital assets, specifying the properties and Brand of assets.
AmountValueDescribes how much of something there is.
AssetKindSpecifies whether an Amount is fungible or non-fungible.
DisplayInfoSpecifies how to display a Brand's Amounts.