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Making an Offer

As you saw in the dapp-offer-up tutorial you could use the dapp UI to make an offer on up to three items. Let's take a look at how making offers works in this dapp.

How It Works

We can see how the offer is made in this application by taking a look at the App.tsx file located under ui/src. Note the makeOffer function which handles making an offer. Note that each offer must specify both a 'give' (what is being offered for the exchange, in this case some IST) and a 'want' (what the buyer wants to trade for, in this case some maps, potions, and scrolls).

const makeOffer = (giveValue: bigint, wantChoices: Record<string, bigint>) => {
  const { wallet, offerUpInstance, brands } = useAppStore.getState();
  if (!offerUpInstance) throw Error('no contract instance');
  if (!(brands && brands.IST && brands.Item))
    throw Error('brands not available');

  const value = makeCopyBag(entries(wantChoices));
  const want = { Items: { brand: brands.Item, value } };
  const give = { Price: { brand: brands.IST, value: giveValue } };

      source: 'contract',
      instance: offerUpInstance,
      publicInvitationMaker: 'makeTradeInvitation',
    { give, want },
    (update: { status: string; data?: unknown }) => {
      if (update.status === 'error') {
        alert(`Offer error: ${}`);
      if (update.status === 'accepted') {
        alert('Offer accepted');
      if (update.status === 'refunded') {
        alert('Offer rejected');


We can see the makeOffer function being called when App.tsx is rendering the Trade.tsx component:

  return (
      <Logos />
      <h1>Items Listed on Offer Up</h1>

      <div className="card">
          istPurse={istPurse as Purse}
        <hr />
        {wallet && istPurse ? (
            itemsPurse={itemsPurse as Purse}
        ) : (
          <button onClick={tryConnectWallet}>Connect Wallet</button>


Finally, by taking a look at components/Trade.tsx we can see the passed makeOffer function being used to handle the click event on the 'Make an Offer' button.

        {walletConnected && (
          <button onClick={() => makeOffer(giveValue, choices)}>
            Make an Offer

The Result

The Trade.tsx component button which calls the makeOffer function: The Trade.tsx component button which calls the makeOffer function

Video Walkthrough

As you're going through this explainer it may be helpful to watch this video walkthrough.