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Starting a Local Chain

As you saw in this tutorial, starting a local chain is easy!

How it Works

In the dapp-offer-up sample dapp, configuration for the Agoric containers is specified in the package.json file. Take note of the Docker specific parameters in the script section of package.json below:

  "scripts": {
    "start:docker": "cd contract && docker compose up -d",
    "docker:logs": "cd contract; docker compose logs --tail 200 -f",
    "docker:bash": "cd contract; docker compose exec agd bash",
    "docker:make": "cd contract; docker compose exec agd make -C /workspace/contract",
    "make:help": "make -C contract list",
    "start:contract": "cd contract && yarn start",
    "start:ui": "cd ui && yarn dev",
    "lint": "yarn workspaces run lint",
    "test": "yarn workspaces run test",
    "test:e2e": "yarn workspace offer-up-ui test:e2e",
    "build": "yarn workspaces run build"

In the tutorial you first used the yarn create command to clone the dapp. Next you ran the yarn install command to install all required dependencies. Finally you ran the yarn start:docker command to start a local chain. You can see from the json code snippet above the this command was running docker compose up -d from the contract folder.

Video Walkthrough

As you're going through this explainer it may be helpful to watch this video walkthrough.