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Setting Up the Agoric Provider

The AgoricProvider provides a few things in the context of your app, accessible through hooks and components:

  • Wallet connection support for numerous wallets (using cosmos-kit).
  • Access to the user's purse balances, offers, and other smart wallet state.
  • Callbacks for making offers and signing transactions.
  • Access to a chainStorageWatcher for reading on-chain state from vstorage.

This makes it easy to handle all the platform-specific implementation details, so you can focus on the business logic and user experience when building your UIs.


Install the following dependencies:

yarn add -D @agoric/[email protected] [email protected] @interchain-ui/[email protected]

The cosmos-kit dependency is used to provide different wallets in the wallet connection modal. The @interchain-ui/react dependency will be used to provide themes and styles for some of the underlying components that @agoric/react-components uses. There are also many components provided there that may be handy when building your own app. The Agoric components can be customized using the same ThemeProvider.

Note: If you see yarn build failing with memory errors, it might be due to an increased bundle size. To get around this, try adding this flag to build in package.json:

  "build": "tsc && NODE_OPTIONS=--max-old-space-size=4096 vite build",

Adding the Provider

Put the provider in the root of your application by editing App.tsx. We can also remove some of default scaffolding UI at the same time. The end result should look something like this:

import { AgoricProvider, ConnectWalletButton } from '@agoric/react-components';
import { wallets } from 'cosmos-kit';
import { ThemeProvider, useTheme } from '@interchain-ui/react';
import './App.css';
import '@agoric/react-components/dist/style.css';

function App() {
  const { themeClass } = useTheme();
  return (
      <div className={themeClass}>
              testChain: {
                chainId: 'agoriclocal',
                chainName: 'agoric-local',
              apis: {
                rest: ['http://localhost:1317'],
                rpc: ['http://localhost:26657'],
          <h1>Agoric UI Tutorial</h1>
          <ConnectWalletButton />

export default App;

You may have noticed the defaultChainName prop points to a local chain. This assumes that you are still running the local chain from Getting Started in Docker. If you're not, make sure to follow those steps before proceeding.

Note: If you see a type error on the wallets prop, this is likely because @agoric/react-components is using an older version of cosmos-kit than what was installed in your app. To fix this, you can add resolutions to your package.json like so:

  "resolutions": {
    "@cosmos-kit/core": "2.8.9"

Testing it Out

Try yarn dev after making these changes to make sure your app builds again. If you're having trouble, check out the checkpoint-2 branch in the example repo. As you may notice, we just added a "Connect Wallet" button to the UI. In the next section, we'll test it out, and learn how to access the user's account and purses.