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Throughout this tutorial, you've accomplished all the basics of building an Agoric Dapp UI:

  • Scaffolding a new React App.
  • Setting up AgoricProvider and connecting to a wallet.
  • Reading and rendering purse balances.
  • Reading vstorage data with chainStorageWatcher.
  • Making an offer to exchange some on-chain assets.

With these basics in place, the world of Agoric UI development has opened up to you. To expand on your newly acquired knowledge, consider trying out the following tasks:

  • Spruce up your UI with interchain-ui components and try customizing the theme.
  • Add automated e2e testing using
  • Add a new item to the "Offer Up" contract and implement UI support for it.
  • Deploy the contract to a testnet and add the NetworkDropdown component to your dapp to switch between networks.
  • Write your own dapp and implement a custom UI for it.

Check out the #dev channel in the Discord with any questions or feedback for future improvements on this guide.