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Starting Out

There are a few libraries that make building Agoric UIs more convenient, all included in the ui-kit repo:

  • @agoric/rpc: Used for querying blockchain and smart contract state, and subscribing to updates.
  • @agoric/web-components: Used for accessing the smart wallet and making offers, as well as utilities for displaying asset balances and more.
  • @agoric/react-components: React components for doing all of the above and more, with convenient hooks and context for ease of use.

This tutorial will make use of these libraries and provide pointers along the way for learning more about them.


This tutorial will make use of @agoric/react-components for greatest convenience, and hence the first step will be to scaffold a new React app with Vite. Create a new workspace and use the following command to scaffold a new react-ts app:

yarn create vite my-agoric-ui --template react-ts

Follow the instructions outputted by the command and you should have a local dev server running with a bare-bones React app.


The next step is to install Endo, because the Agoric libraries depend on Hardened JavaScript. To get it set up, we'll add a few dependencies:

yarn add -D ses @endo/eventual-send

Also, we'll need to add buffer to use cosmos-kit later on, so let's do that now:

yarn add -D buffer

Now, create a new file src/installSesLockdown.ts:

import 'ses'; // adds lockdown, harden, and Compartment
import '@endo/eventual-send/shim.js'; // adds support needed by E
import { Buffer } from 'buffer';

const consoleTaming = import.meta.env.DEV ? 'unsafe' : 'safe';

  errorTaming: 'unsafe',
  overrideTaming: 'severe',

Error.stackTraceLimit = Infinity;

globalThis.Buffer = Buffer;

// @ts-expect-error Add process to context for cosmos-kit
globalThis.process = { env: import.meta.env };

And at the top of src/main.tsx import the new file:

import './installSesLockdown.ts';

Restart your app and it should load as before without errors. Now, the app is running with Hardened JS enabled and we're ready to continue.