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Cross-Chain Unbond Contract

Overview Diagram


import { M } from '@endo/patterns';
import { withOrchestration } from '../utils/start-helper.js';
  • M: Imported from @endo/patterns, provides pattern-matching utilities.
  • withOrchestration: Imported from a utility module, used to set up and provide access to orchestration tools.

JSDoc Annotations for Type Information

  * @import {Orchestrator, IcaAccount, CosmosValidatorAddress} from '../types.js'
 * @import {TimerService} from '@agoric/time';
 * @import {Baggage} from '@agoric/vat-data';
 * @import {LocalChain} from '@agoric/vats/src/localchain.js';
 * @import {NameHub} from '@agoric/vats';
 * @import {Remote} from '@agoric/internal';
 * @import {Zone} from '@agoric/zone';
 * @import {CosmosInterchainService} from '../exos/cosmos-interchain-service.js';
 * @import {OrchestrationTools} from '../utils/start-helper.js';

This includes type information annotations to help with TypeScript or JSDoc, making it easier to understand the types used throughout the contract.

unbondAndLiquidStakeFn Function

 * @param {Orchestrator} orch
 * @param {object} ctx
 * @param {ZCF} ctx.zcf
 * @param {ZCFSeat} _seat
 * @param {undefined} _offerArgs
const unbondAndLiquidStakeFn = async (orch, { zcf }, _seat, _offerArgs) => {

Function Parameters

  • orch: The orchestrator object to manage interactions with chains/accounts.
  • ctx: Context object containing zcf.
  • _seat: The seat representing the user’s position in the contract (not used in this function, hence _ prefix).
  • _offerArgs: Arguments provided with the offer (not used in this function, hence _ prefix).

Interacting with Chains

const omni = await orch.getChain('omniflixhub');
const omniAccount = await omni.makeAccount();

Get Chain

Retrieves the omniflixhub chain object using the orchestrator.

Make Account

Creates an account on the omniflixhub chain.

Interaction with Stride Chain

const stride = await orch.getChain('stride');
const strideAccount = await stride.makeAccount();

Get Chain

Retrieves the stride chain object using the orchestrator.

Make Account

Creates an account on the stride chain.

contract Function

The contract function when wrapped inside withOrchestration defines the start function which is the entry point of the contract. The contract exports a start function below. It is merely a convention/convenience that we define a more abstract contract function here and pass it to withOrchestration. The arguments of this function are zcf, privateAge, zone, and tools for orchestration.

 * Orchestration contract to be wrapped by withOrchestration for Zoe
 * @param {ZCF} zcf
 * @param {{
 *   agoricNames: Remote<NameHub>;
 *   localchain: Remote<LocalChain>;
 *   orchestrationService: Remote<CosmosInterchainService>;
 *   storageNode: Remote<StorageNode>;
 *   marshaller: Marshaller;
 *   timerService: Remote<TimerService>;
 * }} privateArgs
 * @param {Zone} zone
 * @param {OrchestrationTools} tools
const contract = async (zcf, privateArgs, zone, { orchestrate }) => {

contract Function Parameters:

  • zcf: Zoe Contract Facet.
  • privateArgs: Object containing remote references to various services.
  • zone: A Zone object with access to storage for persistent data.
  • OrchestrationTools: A set of orchestration related tools needed by the contract.

Offer Handler for Unbond and Liquid Stake

/** @type {OfferHandler} */
const unbondAndLiquidStake = orchestrate(
    { zcf },

Offer Handler

Defines the offer handler for the unbond and liquid stake operation using unbondAndLiquidStakeFn.

Make Invitation and Create publicFacet

const publicFacet = zone.exo('publicFacet', undefined, {
  makeUnbondAndLiquidStakeInvitation() {
    return zcf.makeInvitation(
      'Unbond and liquid stake',
        // Nothing to give; the funds come from undelegating
        give: {},
        want: {}, // XXX ChainAccount Ownable?
        exit: M.any(),

return harden({ publicFacet });

Defines the publicFacet for the contract, which includes the method to make an invitation, and returns the hardened public facet. Defining publicFacet with zone.exo makes it remotely accessible and persistent through contract upgrades with a durable zone.

start Function

export const start = withOrchestration(contract);

Defines the start function of the contract that is returned by a call to withOrchestration with contract function as a parameter. In essence contract function is the entry point or start function of this contract with some orchestration setup.