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Barter Exchange Contract

Zoe v0.24.0. Last updated August 25, 2022.
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Barter Exchange takes offers for trading arbitrary goods for one another.

This Barter Exchange accepts offers to trade arbitrary goods for other things. It doesn't require registration of Issuers. If two offers satisfy each other, it exchanges the specified amounts in each side's want clause.

Since it pays no attention to keywords, and doesn't require registration of issuers, it can handle trades between goods of any type. It's like conventional "barter" in that there's no common currency. "I have cantaloupes and am looking for pillow cases." It keeps an order book, and each time it receives a new offer, it looks for matches throughout the order book.

The Barter Exchange only accepts offers that look like { give: { In: amount }, want: { Out: amount } }

The want amount will be matched, while the give amount is a maximum. Each successful trader gets their want and may trade with counter-parties who specify any amount up to their specified give.