# OTC Desk Contract

Zoe v0.24.0. Last updated August 25, 2022.
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Building a Composable DeFi Contract

This is the OTC Desk contract from the "Building a Composable DeFi Contract" episode of Cosmos Code With Us (opens new window).

Watch the replay of the workshop (opens new window): Building a Composable DeFi Contract (opens new window)

# Functionality

The OTC Desk contract is based on an idea by Haseeb Qureshi in "Unbundling Uniswap: The Future of On-Chain Market Making" (opens new window)

OTC Desk

In this OTC Desk Contract:

  • Trades are atomic and “trustless”
  • Creator keeps all profits
  • Can use any pricing mechanism
  • Can stop quoting when the market is crazy
  • Can trade fungible and non-fungible digital assets
  • Uses another contract (the covered call option contract (opens new window)) as a reusable component

# The Dapp

This contract is also available as a dapp with deploy scripts (opens new window).