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Sell Items Contract

Zoe v0.24.0. Last updated August 25, 2022.
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Sell items in exchange for money. Items may be fungible or non-fungible and multiple items may be bought at once. Money must be fungible.

The pricePerItem is set in the terms. It is expected that all items sell for the same uniform price.

The initial offer should be { give: { Items: items } }, accompanied by terms as described above. Buyers use offers that match { want: { Items: items } give: { Money: m } }. The items provided should match particular items that the seller still has available to sell, and the money should be pricePerItem times the number of items requested.

When all the items have been sold, the contract will terminate, triggering the creator's payout. If the creator has an onDemand exit clause, they can exit early to collect their earnings. The remaining items will still be available for sale, but the creator won't be able to collect later earnings.