# Scratch

You use scratch to save key-value pairs for later. It is only on the ag-solo and is not accessible from the chain, making it private to the ag-solo user. Since deploy scripts are ephemeral, use scratch to save objects from a deploy script for later scripts to use.

Note that when calling from the REPL's home object, you must use the E() syntax as shown below.

Keys can be anything.

# E(home.scratch).set(id, obj)

  • id: { any }
  • obj: { Object } Returns: { any }

Adds the key-value pair [id, obj] to the Scratchpad, returns the id.

command[1] E(home.scratch).set("foo", "bar")
history[1] "foo"

# E(home.scratch).get(id)

  • id: { any }
  • Returns: { Object }

Takes an ID key and returns its associated object in the ag-solo's scratchpad. If the id parameter is not a valid key, it returns undefined.

command[2] E(home.scratch).get("foo")
history[2] "bar"

# E(home.scratch).list()

  • Returns: { Array<any> }

Returns a sorted array of all ID values currently in the Scratchpad.

command[3] E(home.scratch).list()
history[3] ["faucetTokenIssuer","foo"]